My Entrepreneurial Journey

Fast forward four years and I have a successful Reflexology practice and a growing life coaching business.

But it wasn't easy.

You see, I have all the energy, determination, positive attitude out there and a wonderful skill set in communications.  But in starting my own business I didn't want to do what most people do when they leave or lose a job, take that same skill set and then start a business based on that.

I wanted to take something off the beaten path like aromatherapy and feng shui were at the time and turn them into full-time businesses but I really had no idea how to do that.  For example with the aromatherapy I did not want to go into the mass production side nor did I want to become a massage therapist.  I just knew that I wanted a business that would center around my new found passions.  And I wasn't ready to invest in a full-fledged business plan because in my heart I knew that there were pieces missing for me and until I found those pieces I wouldn't have a sense of completeness.

Oh, I took courses, joined the Chamber of Commerce, did a ton of networking.  People were incredibly supportive and I got some terrific long-term clients but I also knew that many, many people were looking at me as though I was from another planet -- fung what?


So I began the building block process, looking for ways to bring the aromatherapy and feng shui into a mainstream place with people.  Each block built upon another one.  I even got an all-expense paid trip to China (truly the work of God!) and it was there that I got re-introduced to Reflexology.  I had been looking for a touch therapy that wasn't massage to complement the aromatherapy.  It was through Reflexology that I really found my stride and that things started to open up for me.  Reflexology literally allowed my mind to empty out and through that process I could move on to the next phase of my business.

My point is if you had told me four years ago that I would become a certified Reflexologist, I would have said "no way."  I had looked at life coaching early on but kept moving toward the "shiny objects."  At the same time, my aromatherapy and feng shui businesses were all about transforming yourself and your life. As a now Certified Life Coach I have come, to some extent, full circle to where I started -- wanting to help people using the wisdom of the ages -- with a wealth of experience and tools to offer.  All the pieces are in place to help individuals pursue THEIR purpose, THEIR passion, THEIR potential.


I wish I had had a "me" when I got started. Since I didn't have a traditional business some of the traditional roads didn't work for me. I didn't need somebody telling me it was going to be "hard" to do such and such, that I was going to have to give away a bunch of freebies, is there really a market for feng shui in Richmond, VA? One way or the other I knew that God was on my side and he didn't allow me to leave a comfortable corporate job to fail. Plus I had never failed at anything. I created a business as a living legacy in honor of my late father and by golly, nothing was going to stop me!

My venture into entrepreneurship has been a total faith walk backed up by sheer confidence, determination and will.  I have had the doubts, for sure, but I have never let fear of tomorrow, fear of not having "benefits," fear of gloom and doom, fear of the unknown get in my way.


So I have been where you are.  I have actually faced YOUR fears, YOUR uncertainties, YOUR doubts. And I have overcome them.

Every day I meet people just like you.  You have a business plan that's catching dust somewhere on a shelf.  You know you have a great idea but you just can't seem to get motivated to pursue it because you're afraid to leave your full-time job because of the benefits.  Plus you're not even sure you're entrepreneurial material.  You're resigned to the fact that your dream will have to wait.  Or maybe you're the person who has decided to take the plunge into business (with or without a business plan). But you really don't know what you're doing or you're struggling and after having made a huge financial investment, you're too proud to tell your family and friends that "oops, this is not working." You're now wondering "what was I thinking?"

Through my life coaching using the Law of Attraction, I can help you sift through the mental chatter and clutter of your mind so that you can hone in on what you DO want in your business and in your life -- including the question of whether you even want to BE in business in the first place.  No need to go through a trial and error process as I did and let's see if this sticks kind of thing. I provide a safe place for you to land and I support you not only on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, but also on an environmental level using what else  -- the principles of feng shui.  After all, your home (and office) truly is a microcosm for your life.  Everything in your life is connected, your home, your office, your mind, your thoughts, your actions. Nothing exists in a vacuum.  This is where a lot of entrepreneurs make their mistake.  They don't see the connectivity of it all and therefore their plans don't work out.


In addition to my training and numerous certifications, through my vast network of contacts throughout the country, I can provide you the resources you need to succeed.  I save you time and money so that YOU have more time and money.

Some of the many areas I can provide or resource for you are:

      Business Plan
Business Consulting
      Legal structure of your business
      Spiritual Business Plan
      Pre-Entrepreneurial Counseling &
      General and Divorce financial planning
      Buying and Selling a Home
      Insurance (Auto, Home, Life & Health)
      Parenting Issues
      News releases
      Web site development
      Trips and Travel
      Health & Wellness
      Enhancing Your Image
      Senior Care

Call me today at 804-363-5721 and let's get started to help make you move from an UNCERTAIN to a CERTAIN ENTREPRENEUR! 

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"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -- Author Unknown
Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
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