"Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quick Works Wellness, LLC is your one-stop resource for all your entrepreneurial needs.  As a Holistic Entrepreneur Coach, I am interested in the whole you - your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs; the condition of your home or workplace (feng shui); how well you take care of yourself and and what you use to fuel your body. Think of me as your own personal Entrepreneurial Concierge.

Law of Attraction Coaching

The Law of Attraction is always working.  If you don't believe it, then take a look at how your life is going at the moment.  You attract what you vibrate and it is ALWAYS a perfect match - good or bad.  This has huge implications in business where the objective it to profitable!

The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself whatever you give your attention, focus and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted. Moreover, the Law of Attraction, which is an immutable law just like the Law of Gravity, does not respond to what words you use, or the thoughts you think, it responds to how you FEEL about what you say or think.

I absolutely LOVE working with the Uncertain Entrepreneur to help you get out of your own way so that you can bring more joy, abundance and happiness into your life.  Being in business need not be a struggle, washed in worry, fear and uncertainty.  I will coach you using sure-fire "insider" Law of Attraction techniques and tools to help turn your business and life around.

The next step is entirely up to you.  You can continue to wring your hands, lose sleep and worry about about your future. OR you can grab hold of the processes that have driven successful people like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Wayne Dyer, using a Certified Personal Life Coach to guide you on a delectable journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Three-Hour Package - "ATTRACTION TRACTION"


At the end of our three-hour session, I GUARANTEE that you will be absolutely crystal clear about whether to be in business, stay in business or what business to be in.  Statistics show that one of the biggest challenges people face in starting a business is lack of knowledge and lack of confidence.  This package will get you off to a glowing start!

We can work in the three-hour time block at one time or divide it into the two 1-1/2 hour sessions.  I then will invite you to participate in my 5-point proven business development program guaranteed to help you attract more clients, grow your business, and grow your life. Please call for details on the business development program which covers everything from marketing to sales to pricing.



This comprehensive assessment will determine which components of your business building system are in place and which ones need work.  It is a MUST for ANYONE starting a business or already in business!  It covers everything from your target market to your long-term marketing strategy.  Don't get caught with a business that is falling between the cracks. You wouldn't drive a car without getting the oil checked.  Call to arrange for your assessment today!


As stated above this Business Development Program has everything you need to grow your business. A blend of coaching and consulting, this system is comprehensive, tested and proven and has helped more than 2500 solopreneurs grow their businesses.   No more trial and error and guesswork. The system covers everything from marketing to sales to pricing.  Click here for details.


Please visit www.onyourfeetcoaching.com for additional information on Law   Of Attraction Coaching and Reflexology.  Click here for my Business  Resource Page and here if you are a "Faithpreneur."
Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Are you ready to go from an Uncertain to Certain Entrepreneur? The wait is over.  Call today for a complementary consultation and let's see which package is the right one for YOU!
The Law of Attraction
"What you think about you bring about ..."
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